With our minds on the planet and our souls on women a new brand is born!


Wear Your Origins is a sustainable luxury brand with a strong environmental, social, and cultural impact.


Our garments narrate the story of women, of any woman, born in any place, in any period of time. Wear Your Origins is an ode to female power advocating for the elimination of violence against women.


“Our women have been through periods of oppression and times of freedom. Some of them have experienced violence and others have felt the sweetest sensation of love. Some were born in countries and times where women were not valued, and others in places where women are worshiped”


An opportunity to express the thoughts and the soul through clothes.
A cultural meeting centered on clothing.
A visual journey of the culture, tradition and histories of these women




Wear Your Origins is becoming a circular close loop brand.
We are one of the few brands that are luxury and sustainable in a holistic way. In a sense, we leverage the sustainable fashion by creating premium clothing.All garments have been designed from the start with the aim to close the loop and to support the regeneration of the environment.
We have eliminated plastic and created clothes that can be fully compostable if they reach landfill. We use innovative raw materials, such as recycled, natural, vegan and plant-based textiles produced with low water consumption. We collect back clothes from our customers to either resell as used, or up-cycle as new textiles for our new collections. We are offering selected garments for rental aiming for full circular usage in the near future.
Every garment is designed using zero waste practices, and circular fashion principles. Each collection bears the aim to leave the lightest possible environmental footprint. We tackle the environmental crisis and exploitation of resources. We eliminate waste. We are committed to being carbon neutral by offsetting our footprint but also control our CO2 emissions by having a local supply chain from farming to tailoring.



Our social value and objective is to empower and support the work integration of women victims of violence and at risk of exploitation.
Wear Your Origins emphasizes the value and power of female nature. Wear Your Origins vision is embodied in our women who through their strength reflect the beauty of life.
Our garments are crafted with creativity and soul in SOFFA studio downtown Athens by our women empowerment program in sewing and tailoring and populations living in risk of exploitation. For more on SOFFA-Social Fashion Factory workforce please read here


We control our supply chains from farming to rag for the protection of human rights of workers. For more on WYO transparency and ethical sourcing read read here



Every garment of Wear Your Origins narrates a different story, the story of the woman who designed it. The women awardees of the WYO Award create their own Capsule Collections deriving inspiration from their own cultural heritage and life experience. The Hidden Figures Behind Our Clothes are in the spotlight of WYO.



The WYO Award aims at the empowerment and employment integration of women victims of violence and at risk of exploitation; 30 women, 15 new designers and 15 women survivor victims of violence, come together to create their first Capsule Collection through sustainable and ecological methods. For every winner, one (1) woman survivor victim and at risk of exploitation is offered the same opportunity to become a designer. Every awardee is paired with a survivor victim to support her learning path.