Wear Your Origins has as an objective to become a circular close loop brand, all garments have been designed from the start with the aim to close the loop and to support the regeneration of the environment.


How do we do that you may ask?


Close the loop:

Zero Waste.

All our garments are made using zero waste practices. We have designed all our collections from the start to aim for zero waste. Patterns are designed to have a coverage above 95% on textiles. Waste is used to craft accessories and any remaining fiber waste is diverted to use for recycling of fiber as it is 100% plant based or industry use.

Rental scheme.

We plan to use rental services for our customers to be able to enjoy our luxury designs without bearing the cost of purchasing.

Collect back scheme.

Bring us back the clothes that you don’t need anymore to upcycle them for our new collections. This way we can all contribute in the elimination of new carbon emissions and the creation of more waste. To send your items back contact us at collect-back @

Waste scheme.

We collect waste from the industry which we then use for the creation of the new capsule collections.

Mending scheme.

Bring us back the clothes that need mending (like torn buttons open stitches, even burned and torn textile can be re-fashioned). To arrange the mending of your clothes please contact us at collect-back @

CO2 emissions.

We control CO2 by having a local supply chain of all tiers. For a full list of suppliers check our sustainable sourcing policies in


We have eliminated plastic and create clothes that can be fully compostable if it happens that they reach landfill.

Vegan leathers.

We do not use animal derivative leathers; we only use vegan plant-based leather.

New Textiles.

For our first collection we source natural, vegan, plant-based textiles fully certified for sustainability, labor conditions and origins. We integrate innovative plant-based textiles that target the regeneration of the environment, that derive from fiber recycling and plant waste.


We source textiles with no use of the hazardous chemicals and opt for natural coloring of fibers.

When it comes to crafting our garments, we do that in our SOFFA studio with creativity and care with our tailors and seamstresses who are asylum seeker refugees and migrants living in vulnerability and our women empowerment program in sewing and tailoring who are survivor victims of human trafficking and in risk of exploitation. For more on SOFFA-Social Fashion Factory workforce please read here.


For more on SOFFA transparency and ethical sourcing read here.

If you ever come across an incident in any of our suppliers’ premises, please report to our whistleblowing processes whistleblowing @ and our CEO will personally act on this. For more on information on whistleblowing see here.