Fashion Films



The Grecian fashion film aims to act as a visual showcase and display the sixteen creations of the collection through a personalised graphical projection show. The Grecian collection is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the outbreak of the Greek revolution, combined with the roots of ancient Greece, meaning a journey to the past that is still alive and breathing. The main concept is finding and bringing back to life all the creators – stories, projecting them with light and personalised visuals while they are soaked into a dark space which is a reference to the past. Each of the various visuals that are projected on top of the creations is connected with their nature and the story they want to tell.



The inspiration of the Alas film is the awakening of a memory that comes slowly in our mind such as the daylight through the darkness. We are reminiscing moments with a person that was loved and now gone but never faded out from our memory. There are numerous analogue film clips of the sea, boats, blue skies and summer days that are a reference to the poem “Amorgos” by Nikos Gatsos that is the main inspiration of the collection, but also all those various clips are displayed as the reminiscing of simple moments together with this person that is no longer here. The main aesthetic aim of the film is to remind an old picture album that all these moments construct a story that will never fade from our memory the same as a person.