Grecian 2023 - Wear Your Origins
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From my first steps as an apprentice designer, I was characterized by this concern and curiosity about what was happening around me. The analysis of every detail flooded my mind.

I realized that what I was seeing was not the things that existed around me, but their source. This is none other than human emotions!

Over time, this changed its nature. And the thoughts became senses. And the “images” acquired the need to change form and to be transformed into something material, something tangible.

Someone said that art is defined as the process of creation in which one uses his hands, mind and soul.

That’s why vestments are art! Because it is the house we carry everywhere and always!

Ask me for the greatest inexhaustible source of inspiration, if you want me to talk to you about human!


Grecian – Ouchi Collection a letter from the Head of Design Christangelos


From Wear Your Origins design team,


Head of Design