Award WYO



30 designers from all over the world  have the opportunity to design and launch from scratch their own Capsule Collection by using only sustainable, recycled fabrics and innovative circular fashion techniques.


The winners  have the opportunity to attend a 4 month free educational program with fashion workshops. Moreover, they are mentored by renowned personalities and fashion industry experts, and they are supported with valuable knowledge on how to create their own eco sustainable, signature Capsule Collection.


The chosen pieces of the signature Capsule Collection are crafted creatively at SOFFA Tailoring Studio and are presented in international catwalks, open studio events and international platforms, and are distributed through SOFFA retail network.



“Hidden Figures Behind Our Clothes”


The “Wear Your Origins” (WYO) Award aims at the empowerment and employment integration of women that narrate their stories of violence and social exclusion. 30 women, 15 new designers and 15 women storytellers, come together to create their first Capsule Collection through sustainable and ecological methods.

For every winner, one (1) woman storyteller, is offered the same opportunity to become a designer. Every awardee is paired with a woman storyteller to support her learning path.

“Source of inspiration”


Τhe women awardees of the WYO Award create their own Capsule Collections deriving inspiration from their own cultural heritage and life experience. The Hidden Figures Behind Our Clothes are in the spotlight of WYO.The capsule collections created during the WYO award are inspired by the elements of Greek culture and tradition through the Grecian Collection, with the cultural elements of the participants’ place of origin. The Grecian Collection merges the key shapes of the ancient greek attire with the elements from Hellenic culture and the traditional costumes from the Greek Evolution of 1821.


A cultural meeting centered on clothing.
A visual journey of the culture, tradition and histories of these women.
An opportunity to express the thoughts and the soul through clothes.


“Creating Fashion Sustainably”


The winners will create their own eco-sustainable signature Capsule Collection…

The Capsule Collections are crafted at SOFFA Tailoring Studio by our highly experienced survivor victims of violence and in risk of exploitation tailors, using only recycled, natural, vegan, plant-based textiles, and innovative, circular and zero waste fashion techniques.

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