F.A.Q. - Wear Your Origins
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What is the procedure of the competition?

Fashion challenge process:


  • Registration deadline for the submission of the candidates’ folder of participation.
  • Closing date 31/10/2022.
  • Announcement of winners by our mentors committee.
  • Wear your Origins design award begins and lasts 4 months!
  • Selection of the final designs of each Capsule Collection (by our mentors).
  • Manufacturing of Capsule Collections by SOFFA tailoring studio.
  • Catwalk and Exhibition.
  • Retail by international channels of SOFFA under each designer’s name.


For detailed informations about ‘’Wear Your Origins’’ competition, click here 

What are the conditions I must meet in order to participate in the award?
How can an NGO show interest so that its beneficiaries can participate in the competition?

If you are an NGO please send us an email at coordination @ wearyourorigins.com and we will send you the application form for the beneficiaries of the program. 

First the beneficiaries must fill in the application form that we will send you via email and then to take part in the competition are invited to create a collection inspired by their place of origin. If someone’s country of origin is not Greece, their inspiration will focus on elements of their country’s tradition. On the contrary, if their country of origin is Greece, then their inspiration will focus on the particular elements from the tradition of their homeland. They can choose any point in time you wish, from ancient to contemporary!

The participation folder for the beneficiaries will contain the followings:

  1. Collection analysis. Please mention if there is a sustainable aspect (materials, processes etc). (120-150 words)
  2. MoodBoard (Size A4).
  3. Previous/current collection or random creation(s).
  4. Create a selfie-video and describe to us the topic that you have selected and  help us know you better. Please mention, in which area of sustainability in fashion (social, environmental etc), you are most interested in. With your participation, you are going to help a woman, survivor victim of violence and in risk of exploitation. What are your thoughts about this? (2 minutes)


The deadline to send the main idea as well as the designs is 31/10/22. The proposals that will be submitted in a valid and timely manner in the digital platform of the competition will be evaluated by the evaluation committee. 

Their submission will be done by email at coordination @ wearyourorigins.com ( you can also send us the link of your folder through google drive, dropbox, we transfer).

What is the evaluation process?

The evaluation of the proposals will be carried out – conducted- by our mentors-judges committee. After the deadline of the proposal submissions, each proposal will be anonymously evaluated. The rating scale is set at 0-100 with 100 being the highest grade. Each field of the proposal in the submission form is graded independently while the evaluators can record their comments / observations along with the score. 

The submitted proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria.

  1. Authenticity and originality (20%)
  2. Design concept and quality ·(20%)
  3. Vision and fashion factor (20%)
  4. Potential for commercial production (20%)
  5. Selfie-Video (20%)


Each scoring criterion has a specific weight value. Detailed information about the evaluation process can be found here.

What do the winners gain through their participation in the award?

Through this Competition the 30 contestants who will get the highest scores will receive free membership in the “Wear your Origins” Award organized by SOFFA. 

  • They will have the opportunity to create for the first time their own sustainable Capsule Collection. The Capsule Collections  will be named after their creator and will be designed at the zero-waste fashion studio of SOFFA by trained seamstresses and tailors.
  • They will have the opportunity to display their final collection in catwalks and international sustainable fashion platforms, supporting the empowerment of women victims of trafficking.
  • Their collection will be put up for sale by exclusive retailers around the world and through SOFFA web store offering them 10% on the sale price.
  • Upon graduation, participants obtain a ‘Circular Fashion Design’ certificate and are submitted to the SOFFA Job Integration Program.
  • Participants are provided with additional supportive activities such as yoga from Chaja van Boesschoten and psychotherapy sessions by Ms Georgia Stylianopoulou

The award ( program) will last for four (4) months and participants are being asked to commit to be present and participate actively during these months in order to create their own Capsule Collection as well as to display subsequently and promote their collection in catwalks and other stakeholders. 

In the event that, after the relevant information that will be given to the beneficiaries, they wish to participate in the award (program), will the monitoring of the 4-month design program be done online or in person?

This depends on the circumstances. The 4-month design award will include both physical and online presence. However because during the award program, the participants will have the opportunity to attend several lectures by Guest Lectures and Mentors  from abroad, we prefer these lectures to be held in our space so that there is the possibility of interpretation and explanation after the teacher’s lectures. Classes will be once a week. 

Can men also take part as designers (or beneficiaries)?

Yes, we will be very happy to have in our award any talented person who will contribute with their creativity!

At the given time period, the Hospitality Structure - Accommodation Facility - hosts two women victims of trafficking, who have been designated by the prosecutor's office and are in the process of issuing their legal documents. Can they participate?

Yes, they can apply for the award.

Could we (as an NGO) also inform women who have been hosted in the past and with whom we continue to work?

Of course, all your women beneficiaries who may have a call in sewing, fashion and art are welcomed to apply for the ‘Wear your Origins’ award.

Will there be a possibility of interpretation for the educational process for those who do not know Greek or English?

There will be ad hoc translation services based on the needs of our beneficiary women.